Watson leisure time sporting goods

A Study of Golfers in Tennessee Kelly Price Abstract The purpose of this study was to investigate preferred shopping behaviors of golfers in the state of Tennessee. While much research has been done on retail shopping behavior in general, little exists regarding shopping behavior in sport retail, and more specifically golf retail. While golfer behavior has been researched in other areas such as tourism, it has not been fully researched in the sport or retail literature. Since this segment of consumer spends millions of dollars per year, this study was conducted to fill the gap in the literature regarding this unique consumer.

Watson leisure time sporting goods

Watson Leisure Time Sporting Goods had a great increase in sales; their sales grew 44 percent from previous year. When analyzing profitability ratios, we found that Watson Leisure Time Sporting Goods shows a higher return on the sales dollar 6. Same with its return on assets investment of 9.

On the current year its returns on assets is actually lower 6.

Watson Leisure Time Sporting Goods 1 Watson Leisure Time Sporting Goods Devry University BUSN This preview has intentionally blurred sections. Sign up . Global all time unit sales of Call of Duty franchise games as of January Watsons Korea's sales revenue per store ; Leading sporting goods stores in the U.S. , based on. Find a store that carries your favorite adidas wrestling shoes and wrestling gear. Locate a store near you where adidas wrestling products are sold. Leisure Sporting Goods. Route Islen, NJ Dover Sports Center. Route 46 East. Prime Time Sporting Goods. S. Arlington Road. Akron, OH

This is because the industry has a more rapid turnover of assets than generally found within the firm. Now with their return on equity we see that previous and current year Watson Leisure Time Sporting Goods return on equity is higher than the industry.

The firm has been able to turn low return on sales profit margin into a good return on asset and a higher relative return on equity, with a high debt-to-assets ratio.

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Asset utilization ratios will show us why a firm can turn over its assets more rapidly than another. Watson Leisure Time Sporting Goods and the industry collected their receivables the same. I the current year there is a big difference, the industry collected their receivable faster The firm turns over its inventory the previous and current year faster than the industry.

The previous year with a 6 times and current year with 6. This shows that Watson Leisure Time Sporting Goods generates more sales per dollar of inventory than the average company in the industry; by this we can tell the firm has efficient inventory-ordering and cost-control methods.

Now the firm maintains a higher ratio of sales to fixed assets than the industry for both previous and current year 3. Knowing the profitability and asset utilization for the firm what we need to analyze now is the liquidity of the firm.

The firm did very well the previous year, and it would have been a beneficial investment during that year vice this year. Their return on equity is good which means they have high debt-to-assets ratio. Their current and quick ratio is below average and they have more debt than average industries.

With their debt possibility becoming unmanageable could be a reason for their need of Mr. This content can be found on the following page: They have processed a capital budgeting analysis including the Net present value NPV method that determined if the investment was going to be beneficial for the business.

In Foundations of Financial Management pp. Retrieved July 23,from Financial Pipeline.Answer to WATSON LEISURE TIME SPORTING GOODS Company VS. Industry Percentage Difference CP Solution: X Y Z X Y Sporting Goods.

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Watson leisure time sporting goods

Comment from Leisure Fitness of Johnson Fitness & Wellness Business Owner $$ Sporting Goods, Fitness/Exercise Equipment/ Yelp reviews.

When analyzing profitability ratios, we found that Watson Leisure Time Sporting Goods shows a higher return on the sales dollar ( percent) than the industry average of percent the previous year; but on the current year the return on the sales dollar it’s actually lower .


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