The admirable priest

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The admirable priest

Novatian was a schismatic of the third century, and founder of the sect of the Novatians; he was a Roman priestand made himself antipope. His name is given as Novatus Noouatos, Eusebius ; Nauatos, Socrates by Greek writers, and also in the verses of Damasus and Prudentius, on account of the metre.

Biography We know little of his life. Cornelius in his letter to Fabius of Antioch relates that Novatian was possessed by Satan for a season, apparently while a catechumen ; for the exorcists attended him, and he fell into a sickness from which instant death was expected; he was, therefore, given baptism by affusion as he lay on his bed.

The rest of the rites were not supplied on his recovery, nor was he confirmed by the bishop. Novatian was a man of learning and had been trained in literary composition.

Cornelius speaks of him sarcastically as "that maker of dogmasthat champion of ecclesiastical learning".

The admirable priest

His eloquence is mentioned by Cyprian Ep. The story told by Eulogius of Alexandria that Novatian was Archdeacon of Romeand was made a priest by the pope in order to prevent his succeeding to the papacycontradicts the evidence of Cornelius and supposes a later state of things when the Roman deacons were statesmen rather than ministers.

The anonymous work "Ad Novatianum" xiii tells us that Novatian, "so long as he was in the one house, that is in Christ's Churchbewailed the sins of his neighbours as if they were his own, bore the burdens of the brethren, as the Apostle exhorts, and strengthened with consolation the backsliding in heavenly faith.

Fabian was martyred on 20 January, and it was impossible to elect a successor. Corneliuswriting in the following year, says of Novatian that, through cowardice and love of his life, he denied that he was a priest in the time of persecution ; for he was exhorted by the deacons to come out of the cell, in which he had shut himself up, to assist the brethren as a priest now that they were in danger.

But he was angry and departed, saying he no longer wished to be a priestfor he was in love with another philosophy. The meaning of this story is not clear. Did Novitian wish to eschew the active work of the priesthood and give himself to an ascetic life?

At all events, during the persecution he certainly wrote letters in the name of the Roman clergywhich were sent by them to St. The letters are concerned with the question of the Lapsiand with the exaggerated claim of the martyrs at Carthage to restore them all without penance.

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The Roman clergy agree with Cyprian that the matter must be settled with moderation by councils to be held when this should be possible; the election of a new bishop must be awaited; proper severity of discipline must be preserved, such as had always distinguished the Roman Church since the days when her faith was praised by St.

There is evidently no idea in the minds of the Roman priests that restoration of the lapsed to communion is impossible or improper; but there are severe expressions in the letters.

It seems that Novatian got into some trouble during the persecutionsince Cornelius says that St. Moses, the martyr d.

At the beginning of the persecution relaxed, and St.

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Cornelius was elected pope in March, "when the chair of Fabian, that is the place of Peter, was vacant", with the consent of nearly all the clergyof the people, and of the bishops present Cyprian, Ep.

Some days later Novatian set himself up as a rival pope. Cornelius tells us Novatian suffered an extraordinary and sudden change; for he had taken a tremendous oath that he would never attempt to become bishop.

But now he sent two of his party to summon three bishops from a distant corner of Italytelling them they must come to Rome in haste, in order that a division might be healed by their mediation and that of other bishops. These simple men were constrained to confer the episcopal order upon him at the tenth hour of the day.

One of these returned to the church bewailing and confessing his sin"and we despatched" says Cornelius"successors of the other two bishops to the places whence they came, after ordaining them.

Cornelius and Novatian sent messengers to the different Churches to announce their respective claims. Cyprian's correspondence we know of the careful investigation made by the Council of Carthagewith the result that Cornelius was supported by the whole African episcopate.

Dionysius of Alexandria also took his side, and these influential adhesions soon made his position secure. But for a time the whole Church was torn by the question of the rival popes.

We have few details. Cyprian writes that Novatian "assumed the primacy" Ep. There could be no more startling proof of the importance of the Roman See than this sudden revelation of an episode of the third century: Later, in the same way, in a letter to Pope Stephen, St.

Cyprian urges him to appoint so he seems to imply a new bishop at Arles, where the bishop had become a Novatianist. Meanwhile, before the end ofCornelius had assembled a council of sixty bishops probably all from Italy or the neighbouring islandsin which Novatian was excommunicated.

Other bishops who were not present added their signatures, and the entire list was sent to Antioch and doubtless to all the other principal Churches.

It is not surprising that a man of such talents as Novatian should have been, conscious of his superiority to Corneliusor that he should have found priests to assist his ambitious views. His mainstay was in the confessors yet in prisonMaximus, Urbanus, Nicostratus, and others.

Dionysius and Cyprian wrote to remonstrate with them, and they returned to the Church. A prime mover on Novatian's side was the Carthaginian priest Novatus, who had favoured laxity at Carthage out of opposition to his bishop.In the s, Balthasar Gracian, a jesuit priest wrote aphorisms on living life called "The Art of Worldly Wisdom." Join our newsletter below and read them all, one at a time.

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