Tardiness and absences in the work

There are several situations in which excused absence may be approved, that both you and your leave-approving official should know. Excused Absences Essentials Excused absences are almost always limited to brief periods of time. Excused absences must be authorized by your leave-approving official. There is some room for supervisors to exercise judgment in deciding whether to authorize excused absence.

Tardiness and absences in the work

By defining excused and unexcused absences and implementing procedures for notifying supervisors of an unexpected absence, you can help maintain both productivity and morale at your workplace.

You can also better fight a terminated employee's unemployment insurance claim if you can demonstrate that she had a pattern of violating company's absenteeism policy.

Absences and Company Policy Unplanned worker absenteeism has a negative effect on a business, as other workers typically have to cover for the absent employee.

Your absenteeism policy should address the necessity of regular work attendance. It should also encourage an employee to notify her supervisor as far in advance as possible when she wants to take a day off from work.

Unexcused Absences An unexcused absence is an absence that was not prescheduled or authorized by an employee's supervisor. In some cases, an unexcused absence may be the result of an unavoidable circumstance, such as a death in the family or a sudden illness.


In other cases, the employee may decide not to show up for work because he wants a "day off" without making advance arrangements or because he has used up his personal days. Your employee handbook should define acceptable reasons for an unexcused absence and instruct employees in the appropriate way to notify their supervisor that they will not be coming into work.

Excused Absences In an excused absence, an employee receives advance permission from her supervisor to not be at work.

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Reasons for an excused absence vary by employer, but often include funerals, scheduled surgeries and vacation days. Your absence policy should list the reasons for which a person may request an excused absence and the process for doing so.

Recommended Articles The definition for reliable is dependable. Reliability means that you can depend on this person to do what they say they are going to do or notand rely on them to do what you need them to.
The Effect of Absenteeism and Tardiness on Work | Your Business Here are some of the laws that could come into play, depending on the reason for the absence. The FMLA also covers absences to care for family members with serious health conditions and other certain situations.
Resentment July 1, Purpose: It is vital to the University for all employees to have reliable attendance.
Marmaduke School District Share on Facebook Absenteeism and tardiness are not only detrimental to an employee's career, but to the organization's bottom line as well.

Absences and Unemployment Insurance An employee's eligibility for unemployment insurance is based, in part, on whether he is unemployed through no fault of his own.

If you terminate an employee because of an ongoing pattern of absenteeism and he applies for unemployment insurance, you may be able to challenge his unemployment claim and prevent an increase in your payroll taxes.

Each state has its own standards for determining the validity of an unemployment benefit claim and in most cases, the unemployment agency will ask you to supply documentation of the reasons why you fired the employee during its initial investigation.

In cases where the former employee appeals your challenge to his benefits, you may be asked to testify during a telephone or in-person hearing.Sample Notice to Explain (Excessive Tardiness) [Sample Content]Our company records show that you have incurred a total of minutes of tardiness from six (6) non-consecutive days within the month of November , .

The Principals' Partnership iridis-photo-restoration.com Sponsored by Union Pacific Foundation Research Brief Strategies for dealing with tardiness. Unexcused Absences.

How to Reduce Absenteeism at Work -

An unexcused absence is an absence that was not prescheduled or authorized by an employee's supervisor. In some cases, an unexcused absence may be the result of an unavoidable.

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Tardiness and absences in the work

, Normal Workday, Tardiness, Early Departure, and Excused Absences DATE 04/18/ PAGE 4 of 4 c. Appropriate union agreements outline the procedure for handling excused absences when an employee is directed to leave work early due to.

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