Rousseau and the republican party essay

Ancient Greece[ edit ] In Ancient Greeceseveral philosophers and historians analyzed and described elements we now recognize as classical republicanism.

Rousseau and the republican party essay

Brian Underwood January 26, Portfolio The history of philosophy contains few errors as specious as the assumption that because an individual or a group of them existed during a particular period of time, they are representative of the dominant trends of that time.

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This is no less true and perhaps even more true for an era as rooted at the base of Western intellectual culture as the Enlightenment, and for a philosopher as well-known as Jean-Jacques Rousseau. Rousseau demonstrates through the nature of his writings, not to mention through his own admissions in those writings, that while he was contemporary to the Enlightenment, he was actually an avid opponent of it.

The time period in which the Enlightenment occurred extends across two centuries and is filled with numerous thinkers, writers, and other intellectuals — some noteworthy and some not, some building upon the Enlightenment and others detracting from it.

The unavoidable result of the sheer mass of intellectual works created during this era is that pinpointing any set of principles and declaring them to be representative of the entire Enlightenment will undoubtedly be met with some level of contention. However, some definitive characteristics are more agreed upon than others, so let it suffice for the time being to adopt some of the least challenged of these values from which a proper comparison can be drawn.

Epistemologically, these principles include a belief in the efficacy of reason and scientific inquiry; politically, they include secularism and individualism. For Rousseau, the vices of the arts and sciences — uselessness and the facilitation of idleness and malice — were obvious.

If not already apparent, Rousseau exhibits the same distaste for reason and knowledge in general as he does for the sciences. Supposedly born from the same idleness and vanity as the sciences to no greater use, the employment of reason towards intellectual pursuits is just as disdainful from the perspective of Rousseau as are the sciences.

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But here there arises a minor difficulty: Rousseau appeals to reason e. Rather, his philosophic conclusions suggest that he would be more properly categorized, as a resilient strain of anti-Enlightenment thought, bridging the gap from the Middle Ages to the revival of collectivist political philosophies of the nineteenth century in the form of Hegel and Marx.

Surely, there are several other values which could reasonably be included on this list e. Further, they are not necessary for this initial evaluation. Masters and Roger D. Rousseau, The First and Second Discourses, Cambridge University Press, Hackett Publishing, Rousseau, Discourse on the Origin of Inequality, Rousseau and The Republican Party The Republican Party, since its first convention in Michigan in , has had a philosophy that has remained relatively unchanged.

We will write a custom essay sample on Political Theory: Comparing Locke, we do nothing more than obey ourselves. Sovereign is not third party, it is simply the people as a whole acting in their collective capacity.

• How do we remain as free as we were before?

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Liberal vs. Republican • Rousseau makes heroic and unreasonable. In this section, I will discuss certain views of the Party and how they would be accepted or rejected by Jean-Jacques Rousseau.

The Republican notion has been that less government is better. Rousseau's notion was that of extrication.

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A Surprise Birthday Party Essay Rousseau: Tea Party Protests Why the Republican Party should turn to the TEA party. Much is being made about the second consecutive Republican defeat in the US presidential elections.

The nature of the defeat, which even after four difficult Obama years in office with unemployment figures at record levels. In the selection to follow, I will examine the Republican's main philosophies and will describe how Rousseau would agree or disagree with their position.

Rousseau and the republican party essay

I will be using the Republican Platform of to aid in my discussion. Thomas Hobbes and Jean-Jacques Rousseau Essay Words | 9 Pages Thomas Hobbes and Jean-Jacques Rousseau have very different views on the social contract largely based on their fundamental views of the state of nature in humanity.

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