Right and wrong technologies

How to Stay Ahead of Tech Trends and Seize Market-Disrupting Opportunities The fastest-moving technology trends offer the most tremendous market-disruption opportunities. If you only ask the right questions. Getty Images In earlyI set out to find the future of several technology trends. Extrapolating the past into the future, I forecasted that by seven years laterwe would be able to buy a 2,GB 2TB hard disk drive for the same price.

Right and wrong technologies

The Right Condition The Lowest Possible Cost With the exception of bullet number 5, the reason to invest in order picking technologies is to significantly improve all of the other bullets listed above.

When we study the root causes of order picking errors in paper-based warehouse environments, we have deduced that the root source of warehouse errors can summarized as follows: Item omitted - operator omits the item from the order even though the item is in stock within the warehouse.

This can be caused by batch processes whereby inventory information is not updated at the same time as the transactional event occurs in the warehouse; or because of poor quality inventory information resulting from errors related to paper-based processes.

This can also be due to lack of operator discipline. Miscount of quantity - this happens when the operator reads the correct quantity but makes a mistake Right and wrong technologies the pieces to be picked. This can happen in operations where large quantities of units on an order line are being picked from split case or full case pick slots.

This also frequently occurs when large quantities of a product are ordered say for a price drop or an event. Quantity misread or transposed - operator picks the right item in the wrong quantity usually short because the pick list is erroneously read resulting in a quantity mispick.

Often times, poor pick list formatting; or faded printer ink on the pick list; or poor warehouse lighting can contribute to this situation. Benchmarking Order Accuracy Whenever I ask a company how they measure distribution center order accuracy, I have to chuckle because there really is no consistent measurement system out there.

Below are four order accuracy measurement statistics and quite frankly all four of these should be measured in any distribution operation that has a checking function. Gross error rate in units: This would result in 1 erroneous order line out of 10 lines shipped.

For the purpose of this article, we will be using the gross error rate measurement when we discuss the accuracy levels obtained from each technology such that all accuracy figures can be compared on an apples-to-apples basis.

The gross error rate is the least commonly used measurement methodology because it is the most punitive and most distribution managers are less interested in using a statistic that reflects poorly on the operation. For this reason, most companies use the mark-out methodology or some variant which is the least punitive accuracy measurement.

Radio Frequency Scanning Devices - The most widely deployed order picking technology by a wide margin. With warehouse management systems providing computer directed task management, the use of RF handhelds and truck-mounted devices exploded over the past 30 years.

To this day, RF devices remain the most flexible technology because they can be used across all functional warehouse operations i. In general, RF devices are also the least costly warehouse order picking technology to deploy.

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For industrial warehousing applications, leading vendors include: Visual Logistics - A relatively new twist on an old theme which has been applied to both RF handhelds and pick to light technologies by different vendors.

In the case of RF handhelds, rather than displaying text-based messages to operators to instruct them, the handheld displays graphical images combined with text instructions.

The images are used to enhance the instructions and to improve accuracy e. Pick to Light - Consists of light displays that are typically installed per each fixed pick location in shelving units, case flow racks and storage racks.

How sales ordering technology

Order picking tasks are downloaded to a subsystem that lights up the display units one at a time as operators pick each order line.

The operator typically pushes a button on the light display unit to confirm the pick task.In this situation the European Court of Human Rights took the egalitarian approach and pronounced that right of access to reproductive technologies is a s much of a man’s right as it is a woman’s right.

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Using Technology: Wrong and Right (or Play and Think) By Randy Ziegenfuss I pretty much dislike right/wrong dichotomies (things in life are rarely black and white), but this graphic posted by Bill Ferriter (@plugusin) on Twitter . 11 AI Movies and What They Got Right and Wrong About the Technology.

Right and wrong technologies

As AI becomes increasingly more present in our lives, we look to see which films have given us accurate predictions for our future.

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