Research papers on immigration reform

Together, the publications in the collection make the case that: Immigration policymaking should be embedded in a larger set of partnerships, processes, and commitments that respond to the conditions that force persons to migrate. The US immigration system should reflect liberal democratic values and an inclusive vision of national identity. It is incumbent on policy and opinion makers to publicize the broad national interests served by US immigration policies.

Research papers on immigration reform

SB includes provisions adding state penalties relating to immigration law enforcement including trespassing, harboring and transporting illegal immigrants, alien registration documents, employer sanctions, and human smuggling.

Research papers on immigration reform

The trespassing provision appears to be the first of its kind to be enacted in the United States. In the most recent reports by NCSL on state immigration laws, few states have attempted to create a state trespassing violation for unlawful presence.

Bills were introduced but failed in Arizona in and ; Texas in ; Colorado in ; and California in The executive order also requires clear guidance on what constitutes reasonable suspicion.

The board is to provide a list of the specific forms of identification that provide a presumption that a person is not an alien unlawfully present in the United States.

A series of questions have been raised about the implementation and constitutionality of Arizona SB Court challenges have raised constitutional issues including due process, equal protection under the 14th amendment, the prohibition on unreasonable search and seizure under the 4th amendment, and preemption under the Supremacy Clause of the U.

Rhode Island HB was introduced by Rep. Palumbo on May Illinois H was introduced by Representative Ramey on November 3, California SCR urges various state and private entities to withhold financial support of Arizona businesses in response to recent Arizona state laws relating to illegal immigration.

The resolution was introduced on June Illinois HJR calls upon the Arizona Legislature to repeal SB and asks Congress and the president to act quickly to enact comprehensive immigration reform. The joint resolution was introduced May 4, adopted by the House on May 7, and is pending in the Senate.

In Michigan, HR urges repeal of SB and asks Michigan businesses and public and private organizations to refrain from doing business with or in the state of Arizona.

The resolution was introduced on May The resolution was introduced on June 9. New York SR denounces policy that encourages racial profiling and asks cooperation on all levels of government to enact immigration policies and laws. The resolution was adopted on May 4.


Tennessee HJR commends Arizona on its upcoming Centennial and salutes the initiative of the Arizona Legislature and Governor Jan Brewer in their actions to protect their citizens and the border.

Court Challenges Three individuals two law enforcement officials and one researcher and the Coalition of Latino Clergy filed the first challenges to the law based on equal protection, due process and preemption under the Supremacy Clause.

The lawsuit states that SB violates the Supremacy Clause, the First Amendment right to freedom of speech, the Fourth Amendment right to freedom from unreasonable searches and seizures, and the Equal Protection Clause guarantee of equal protection under the law, and Article II, Section 8 of the Arizona Constitution.

The lawsuit was filed May 17 in the U. District Court for the District of Arizona. On July 6,the U. Department of Justice filed a lawsuit in the U. District Court for the district of Arizona seeking a permanent injunction of SB The civil action states that SB is preempted by federal law 8 U.

On July 15, U. Arizona's request to dismiss can be found here: The sections that were barred from taking effect pending appeal were: Judge Bolton's ruling can be found here:Cato’s education research is founded on the principle that parents are best suited to make important decisions regarding the care and education of their children.

Research Papers on Immigration Law Law students would often have a subject of immigration law in their curriculum in which they might be required to make a research paper. In order to make one, the students are required to do extensive secondary research to have an understanding of all the topics related to their dissertation.

The US Immigration Reform Initiative, a series of essays and papers, seeks to look beyond recent and current US immigration debates to outline a flexible, secure, and evidence-based immigration system that would serve the nation’s interests, reflect its liberal democratic ideals, and benefit from the contributions of talented, hardworking immigrants from throughout the world.

In April , Arizona enacted two laws addressing immigration, SB and HB These laws added new state requirements, crimes and penalties related to enforcement of immigration laws and were to become effective on July 29, Before the laws could go into effect, the U.S.

Department of. Businesss Research Papers (20, ) Humanities Essays (12, ) Literature Research Papers (33, ) The Immigration Reform and Control Act, also Simpson - Mazzoli Act, signed by President Ronald Reagan on November 6, , is an Act of Congress which reformed United States immigration law.

The Impact of Immigration on American Society: Looking Backward to the Future

Basically. this act made it illegal to hire /5(3). Foreign Law: Topical Research.

Research papers on immigration reform

Cloning Human Beings (National Bioethics Advisory Commission). Immigration, Asylum, and Refugee Law. Elisa Mason, Guide to Country Research for Refugee Status Determination (, February 15, ) Elisa Mason, Guide to International Refugee Law Resources on the Web (Law Library Resource Xchange (LLRX), July 15, ).

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