Puma s poor intercultural communication

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Puma s poor intercultural communication

Atsquare miles, it is larger than SpainPortugaland France combined. In Peru had a population of over 22 million, and its capital, Lima, was home to fully one-third.

This picturesque land is divided into three main geographic regions: The costa is a thin, mostly barren strip of desert between the ocean and the mountains. Except for a few valleys where mountain rivers have brought enough water to make farming possible, the Peruvian desert is the driest in the world, with some areas never having seen even an inch of rain in recorded history.

This region is prone to earthquakes, such as the one in that killed 66, people. The upland plateau known as the sierra represents about one-fourth of Peru's land and holds a majority of the country's population. Its average elevation is 13, feet, making the air rather thin and cold, and ten peaks top 20, feet.

The highest is Mt. Called the backbone of the continent, the Andes Mountains stretch from the Caribbean Sea all the way down the Pacific coast.

Rivers flowing eastward to the Amazon Basin have cut scenic gorges as deep as 5, feet, at the bottom of which the climate becomes tropical. On Peru's southeast border with Bolivia, Lake Titicaca spans 3, square miles at an elevation of 12, feet, making it the world's highest navigable lake.

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Learning Objectives Peru is a mestizo society, born of the encounter between European and indigenous worlds in the early s. In music, dance, dress, food, and language, Quechua influences are still in evidence everywhere, not just in Peru, but across the central Andes.

The lower elevations contain very dense vegetation and there are virtually no roads, with transportation taking place on the rivers.

Some of these people migrated down the Pacific coast and arrived in the Andean region about 20, years ago. Little is known about this time, but the first settlements were along the coast and relied mainly on fish and wild plants and animals.

Agriculture probably began around b. Those in the tropical forests also grew cotton and plants used for medicinal purposes. The coastal peoples farmed the sea for fish, which they at times traded to those in the highlands for the grains and potatoes cultivated there.

They probably did not use boats for fishing but rather cotton nets.

Puma s poor intercultural communication

Anchovy runs allowed for the collection of fresh fish which could by dried and ground into a meal that was preserved for months by covering it with earth.

Beached whales provided the opportunity for an immediate feast, as the meat could not be stored. Up to approximately b. But advances in agriculture occasioned a growth in population and the first truly urban societies in Peru.

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These urban environments provided the structure and personnel required for a more specialized society. A measure of communication between neighbor societies helped provide the right conditions for expansion to full-fledged empires, and a number of these rose and fell prior to the Inca empire.

The inhabitants' stone carvings, pottery, textiles, and metalwork feature a god in the form of a fierce puma, or jaguar.BELIEFS, VALUES AND INTERCULTURAL COMMUNICATION Lena Robinson cator’s behaviour in intercultural communication. BELIEFS According to Rokeach ( 2), ‘Beliefs are inferences made by an neighbourhood demonstrates that expressed beliefs are very poor predic-tors of behaviour (Fishbein and Ajzen ).

Intercultural Communication August 21, The example of poor intercultural communication between the United States of America and Mexico is how the communication significantly affected foreign policy and international commerce between the two countries.

Mexico is a country of intercultural significance and neighbors the United States of America.

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Puma s poor intercultural communication

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