Marketing strategies of lic of india

It is grossed to be the largest insurance company in India with an approximate asset worth more than 1. Financial Services in India are mostly linked with this corporation. Apart from this, the company also considers Housing finance, Pension funds, Card services. The LIC of India also claims to provide plans which give protection to the insured at affordable costs.

Marketing strategies of lic of india

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A bit heaavy on PSU scrips is my opinion. One of my top 2 funds in the list. Chirag Setalvad, fund manager, has very good track record in MF industry. This fund was started in Sep The stock portfolio is also very decent and has good potential. The NAV is around Rs It has Prashant Jain at its helm and he has a good reputation in the mutual fund industry.

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This balanced fund will be more suitable for conservative investors. It should be ready choice for people above 45 years of age and need to moderate their risk. My feeling is that it has too many scrips with negligible holding diluting returns.

Close to 25 stocks are with less than 0. It is one of oldest funds started in and has good long term record. Make your own analysis while investing. The picks are my personal opinion.

Marketing strategies of lic of india

If fundamental condition changes in future, they may not perform as I expect. Investors often look for ways to multiply their investment within a short time and with safety. Reducing the risk will prevent larger downfall due to the ever-changing market conditions.

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But the returns provided gets reduced somewhat. You might be forced into taking decisions. It is always advisable to maintain a healthy mix of various asset classes for optimum portfolio allocation.

Balanced mutual funds help in just that. As it clubs the advantages of both stocks and bonds, customers will still not be overly affected if one asset class performs poorly. The converse is also true. The balanced fund achieves the target of maintaining the balance because when the stocks fall, the bonds hold their value.

When the stocks rise, the bonds yield lower value. Assume you have a Rs.

Marketing strategies of lic of india

So now 75, is in stocks and 25, is in bonds. Due to market run, the stocks appreciated to This is done on a regular basis. The illustration may look simple but as your portfolio fluctuates wildly, this re-allocations brings stability.

That is why balanced mutual funds are one of best investment options. Balanced mutual funds are best suitable for those who wish to invest and forget.

Regular stocks or mutual funds require re-balancing from time to time to maintain the growth ratio in a positive fashion.

Who decides the percentage split? The division of the funds differs according to various mandates and the program offered by the respective investing agency. Therefore, an investor should consider the options available to him or her to plan according to their requirements and the amount they want to invest in mutual funds.

The variations in the balanced funds offer the best of the both worlds — equity and debt. High Returns Balanced mutual funds have shown profitable incomes in the last few years.

Such a growth will help the investors receive good profits with reduced risk. Moreover, the functioning of the balanced mutual fund, which is a combination of stocks and bonds, fair in a troublesome market condition because of the cushioning effect offered by the bonds.

Therefore, these funds have increased threshold limit against the rise and fall of the stock market.Business Standard, India's leading business site for Live Markets, Live BSE & NSE quotes, latest news, breaking news, political news, analysis and opinion on markets, companies, industry, economy, policy, banking and personal finance news and more.

FINANCIAL INCLUSION FINANCIAL inclusion is the delivery of FINANCIAL services at affordable costs to vast sections of disadvantaged and low income groups. Innovative Marketing Strategies Introduction: Marketing communications are messages and related media used to communicate with a market.

Marketing communications is the "promotion" part of the "marketing mix" or the "four Ps". The Low Income Client as Market model 1 of social enterprise is a variation on the Fee-for-Service model, which recognizes the target population or "clients" a market to sell goods or emphasis of this model is providing poor and low-income clients access to products and services whereby price, distribution, product features, etc.

bar access for this market. Services Marketing, LIC Risk tends to fall into one of three categories: asset, income, or legal liability.

Asset or property risk is highly visible and is usually easy to identify. Search Results. Role Of Life Insurance Corporation Of India In Building Activities Life Insurance Corporation of India has invested customers money for the development of the nation by lending it to the union government.

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