How to survive college

Russian Health Minister Golikova was recently quoted as saying, "We are the absolute world leader in Alcohol consumption. Drinking Vodka Like Water

How to survive college

These are born and raised American citizens. And at some point, they will come back! These peace-loving American patriots will settle back into their homes and mind their own business. This report came after Belgium authorities had apprehended a third man, who was a senior researcher at a nuclear facility and had been working for ISIS.

Several other reports suggest that ISIS is working on a major terrorist plan that will grant them complete control over the Middle East or total annihilation.

They are technically sophisticated barbarians using modern army equipment. One carefully placed nuclear bomb, even a small one, would create worldwide pandemonium.

Were it to take out our government leadership, it could end up being months before the United States could organize itself well enough to retaliate. They have already stated their intent to attack the United States.

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They have bragged about how their flag will fly over the White House. Considering our porous southern border, getting such a device into the United States would be extremely simple.

Then it would just be a matter of selecting the site and time to make their attack have the maximum effect. And they know what this means: Will we be able to fight back? Probably most of our ICBMs will turn into a pile of junk. The communication lines and mobiles will probably become useless.

They know that this is their only chance of winning this war and conquering the Middle East and the rest of the world.

How to survive college

What matters is that they believe it! This is what Allah predicted, and they will die trying to fulfill the prophecy. Frank Gaffney, president of the Center for Security Policy, predicted that: And that is exactly what I believe the Iranians are working towards.

If one of the nuclear powers blasts a nuclear weapon above the U. We will be nothing more than sitting ducks for Russian nukes! I have something you need to watch. Watch it and learn what you should fear most, what an EMP affects, and how you can protect your electronics, car, mobile phones, etc.

If you work 40 miles away from home, you better have a plan. If your car gets stuck with your family on the highway on a cold winter, you have to have a backup plan. If your child is at school, you have to get him…and so on. If you want to prepare for an EMP, you need to have some things ready in advance.

This gives you a huge advantage. You will have at least 12 hours before the panic sets in to take care of anything you might need to survive. The first thing you have to do is to get back home quickly and safely. You and your family should have all previously established this as the number one priority.

Ensure that everyone is accounted for. The biggest problem will be finding a means of transportation; as you know, most cars will not work anymore. A lot of preppers overlook this aspect because they have a faraday cage and think they have everything covered.

Your money will become worthless very quickly, so use it up at nearby shops. A can of meat will cost thousands of dollars in a few days. After your family is safe, you should contact neighbors and establish regular meeting times at sunset for example.What is the device that the author mentioned that will enhance radio communication range?

How do I obtain one or more?

College Life

Reply to this comment. How to Survive College Share Tweet Pin Email. By Rachel Cruze. 3 Minute Read. For a lot of high school students, a graduation ceremony is a proud moment—and it should be.

How to survive college

Twelve years of studying, taking tests, and attending class finally pay off. As you anticipate your freshman year of college, don't forget your dorm room essentials. You may think you have everything all packed up, but before you run away to college you may want to check these ten items off your list!

Survive College With These Tips! Get Tips for College! Apr 7, Denise Crew. The ladies of Her Campus have compiled the ultimate list of tips from college students across the country.

Discover the truth about Russia's massive Alcohol problem. College Rules!, 4th Edition: How to Study, Survive, and Succeed in College [Sherrie Nist-Olejnik, Jodi Patrick Holschuh] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

This updated classic gives students the tools they need to successfully transition from high school to college.

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