Having child while young

Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you. This statement alone should make you, dear reader, tired. There are plenty of articles, blog posts and mom conversations about the hardships of parenting multiple young children.

Having child while young

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Click here for additional information. Thinkstock I got pregnant with my first baby at nineteen, during my second year of college. My son Jacob was born when I was twenty, recently and yes, hastily married, and working as a receptionist for a temp agency. But suddenly my life took quick shape in the form of a dependent baby boy.

And though my husband and I hit some bumps and a few huge potholes in those early years of parenthood, we are now settled thirty-somethings with successful careers, a strong relationship, and a great family life. People, it happens all the time.

And yet our case is seen as the exception, rather than the rule. Recently, the age of first parenthood has become a hot topic, with writers, researchers, and experts debating the relative risks and rewards of a societal shift toward older parenting.

And young people who do end up pregnant by accident — or who decide to buck the trend and start a family early in adulthood — feel ostracized and judged. Here are a few ways our culture discourages young parenthood and why we should knock it off, already: We treat youthful parenthood as something shameful and sad.

I also think teen parents can be and are successful all the time, but comparing a girl of 15 to a woman of 23 makes no sense at all unless you seriously underestimate that woman.

Our bodies are meant to do it, and while society is not currently set up to support young parents, having a kid young also doesn’t mean you’re permanently derailed. "Best case" scenario, it truly is bacterial pneumonia, and she was in public while still possibly contagious and she exposed a person (a child) in an at risk group by being in public. In the worst case, given the history of the entire thing, the bacterial pneumonia explanation is not seen as plausible. "I am 30 years old and since I was very young I always dreamed about having a family," one anonymous commenter writes. "I wanted university, travel, and more of my own life before a child.

We put way too much stock in the myth of extended adolescence. I will just say that nothing forces you to take stock of your life and get it in order quite like an impending birth.

When Your Child is Struggling Academically

And while I did miss out on some partying in my youth, I also know that I spent those years well. We put too much emphasis on building a career before having babies. Remember when you were a kid? Families used to follow a socially-acceptable pattern: It makes you more creative, more resourceful, and can even lead to some great memories.

People are not statistics.

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I have no doubt that young parents struggle in larger numbers than older ones, but there could be many reasons for that. For instance, I would guess that young people from more upwardly-mobile homes are much less likely to continue a pregnancy or keep the baby afterward, which would definitely skew success numbers.

For encouragement and a glimpse at what ambitious and successful young parents can look like, look to young-mom blogs like Tiny Blue Lines and Early Mama. As for myself, all I can say is that having a child young was a shock to my system — in the best possible way.

And I would love it if more young moms felt empowered to say the same. Article Posted 5 years Ago Share this article.Family structure change can disrupt the settings of children’s daily lives.

Most scholarship focuses on disruption in the home environment.

Having child while young

Moving beyond the home, this study explores the association between changes in family structure and changes in several dimensions of early child care. Anesthesia for Children Having Eye Surgery.

An intravenous (IV) line is usually placed in a vein of the arm or leg after a young child is asleep from the mask. Older children may have the IV line placed before going to sleep. Can a parent be with the child while anesthesia is given?

While teens as young as age 13 admit to this practice, it becomes more popular in mid-adolescence and peaks in the college years.

College students between the ages of 18 and 22 are more likely to report binge drinking than non-students of the same age. Like the time I was Mary in the school play and spent it picking my nose and literally making a meal out of it while singing "Baby Jesus, meek and mild".

Perfectly pitched whilst raking for gold.

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Having a child in the middle of my college career seems like the most inconvenient thing ever, but in reality it has worked out swimmingly. When I returned to school my son was old enough to be away from me for several hours at a time, but school never required me .

Having a child also takes away a teen's ability to simply be a teen. A teen parent cannot simply go out whenever she wants to.

Having child while young

She has to find someone to care for her child if she wants to do.

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