Gasland fracknation truthland fracking

A student worksheet of discussion questions to accompany the documentary Gasland by Josh Fox. Shade in the Marcellus shale rock formation in this map. How much was Josh Fox offered to lease his land for natural gas drilling?

Gasland fracknation truthland fracking

Leave a reply Flaring of the Waldenberger well, September Greenhome farm our farm is directly below the Waldenberger well. In this photo, our house is the one closest to the flare.

Photo by Ted Fristrom. For me fracking is not an abstract issue, but a personal one. Our family farm in Northeastern Pennsylvania has been leased for fracking, and our two hundred acres will all eventually be fracked. In my day job, as an English professor, I recently taught a course called Writing and Environmental Justice that combined these personal and professional interests.

Fracking, Fortunes, and the Fate of the Marcellus Shale. We watched Gaslandand students sought out its counterparts Truthland and Fracknation. We looked at the information on the major gas drilling companies web sites and compared the information with what we found on web sites by groups like Food and Water WatchClean Air Council where some students spent three hours per week engaging in work on these issuesand Penn Environment.

Scranton Times-Tribune reporter Laura Legere, who has won awards for her coverage of gas drilling in the Marcellus, obtained records from the Department of Environmental Protection that had long obscured the damage to water wells by drilling.

There has been tons of debate over fracking and water contamination. Most people know the scene from Gasland where the Colorado homeowner lights his water on fire.

Other sources of contamination that cause concern are the enormous number of chemicals that are used in the millions of gallons of water forced into a well in order to frack.

While there are or different chemicals used in the fracking process generally, in a specific well, there might be 20 or In the case of the Waldenberger I well, the well by our farm, there were 18 chemicals, including hydrochloric acid. Of course, 18 chemicals, while dilute in the almost eight million gallons of water used to frack Waldenberger I, are still a lot of chemicals.

As you can see, this whole business is very complicated. Estimates vary, but between three and seven percent of natural gas wells will cause problems with water sources.

Gasland fracknation truthland fracking

Some argue that eventually, because the concrete that lines the well bores degrades over time, all wells will fail and be potential sources of pollution for ground water.

Legere has been trying for some time to track down the number of water wells contaminated by natural gas drilling, or the number that have allegedly been contaminated.

But, in a thank-god-there-are-still-newspapers-who-report-news moment, the Sunday Times took DEP to court to obtain the records. By looking through these 1, letters put out by DEP, Legere reports the following: We have inherited environmental troubles long before gas drilling came to town.

Accurate information will lead to better decision making all around, I hope.

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And now I have another important source of information and an example of good journalism! Gas rig near Auburn Four Corners, summer Not so long ago, fracking was a technical term little known beyond the energy industry.

Gasland fracknation truthland fracking

Now it's coming to Hollywood, as the fierce battle between environmentalists and oil firms is played out in. Fracknation’s Phelim McAleer will debate Mayor Calvin Tillman on hydraulic fracturing My pal Calvin Tillman is going to debate Phlegm McClear, the fracking freak in Dallas.

On Monday. Dangers of Fracking Farmland: Our Food Supply’s at Risk Extracting natural gas via hydraulic fracturing is a controversial process that leaves behind hundreds of toxic chemicals in the fracking.

The issue of fracking has become a political hot potato lately, in part because of the Oscar-nominated documentary, “Gasland” (and subsequent counter-movies, including “Truthland” and.

Filmmakers like Josh Fox, whose film “Gasland” shined a spotlight on cases of pollution associated with fracking, were subjected to withering character assassination campaigns.

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The IPAA, the oldest petroleum industry association in the nation, funded a film a film to discredit “Gasland” called “Truthland.”. “FrackNation” will be aired on AXS TV, the cable network run by Mark Cuban. McAleer has said that fracking is “the best thing ever” and feels that it will fix America’s energy issues if it isn’t impeded by environmentalists.

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