Garlic production business plan

It is sold by the pound to speed up sales and can be eaten or planted. Rasa Creek Farm is your supplier of quality organic and non-organic grown naturally seed garlic.

Garlic production business plan

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Gourmet garlic continues to grow in popularity, as more and more people discover the unique tastes, flavors and health-giving benefits. In fact, gourmet garlic growers from Maine to Oregon report that demand exceeds the supply of high-quality, fresh gourmet garlic varieties.

So just how do you start a profitable garlic growing business? First, you need to get the tools and supplies together. Most gardeners already have the basic gardening tools, so the main expense will be for the garlic seed bulbs needed to get you started the first year. Here are the numbers: A pound of garlic seed bulbs will produce plants, depending on the variety, and the bulb weight will average about 2 ounces.

A good rule of thumb to remember is that a pound of seed will produce pounds of garlic bulbs at harvest time. Most growers like to use raised beds, as the soil drains better, and garlic hates wet feet! Climate is not a big concern, as there are garlic varieties that thrive in Siberia, and varieties that love a hot, dry climate.

While you can get by using hand tools, a small tiller can help prepare the raised beds quickly and easily.

garlic production business plan

How much space do you need to plant 50 pounds of garlic seed? Using a typical spacing of 6 inches by 6 inches, or 4 plants per square foot, a pound of seed will plant square feet.

So plan on a growing area of square feet. As you can see, it is possible to make a tidy profit with gourmet garlic, even with a limited budget and a small growing area. To discover more about this aromatic and very profitable plant, read Growing Garlic For Profit.Agri-Business Why are onion prices fluctuating?

Vikas Vasudeva What is the problem?Onion prices peaked in mid-October in parts of the country on account of squeezed supplies from the key bulb. The production of black garlic involves zero additives in order to maintain its natural tastes of sweet and sour, in the shape of a fruit.

It is very convenient to peel and eat. Nigeria has a multi-billion Naira opportunity in its spice farming industry that remains untapped and continues to go unnoticed by thousands of prospective entrepreneurs looking to venture into the agricultural industry.

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Black garlic is made from the application of the advanced technology of foreign countries. After fermentation, fructose and amino acids produce carbon ammonia condensation in natural garlic to complete the unique garlic allergenic browning reaction.

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