Fish pond business plan in nigeria

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Fish pond business plan in nigeria

This constructed dimension would be able to hold about 1, grown fishes. You can also construct a concrete pond, use a plastic tank, or a drum pond. Before you start stocking your fishes, you need to disinfect your pond with an anti-fungi and an anti-bacteria. You need to purchase fingerlings and juveniles for your fish pond.

An economic recession and other vices can fluctuate the prices of these fingerlings. Your have to feed your fishes once or twice a day. Feeding carries the bulk of the operating cost. Catfishes in hatcheries are to be fed meals that are properly ground, or feeds that that are flour-like, and contain 45 to 50 percent of protein.

Proper feeding intervals can get the fishes to weigh as much as 1. Most of these catfish feeds are imported into Nigeria and cost an average of 5, Naira per bag 15kg bag. The way the meals are fed to catfishes have to be carefully executed because two months old fishes can finish a 15kg feed bag in just 10 days!

This high cost of catfish feed can greatly affect your profitability.

Types Of Fish You Can Farm

Another alternative is to source locally made fish feeds. These usually cost about 3, Naira per 15kg bag. With fewer individuals producing locally made catfish feed, finding and gaining access to these can pose a big challenge. This can be achieved by practising spot fishing.

And you should constantly apply supplements like Livestovit and Aquapro to protect your fishes from diseases. As your fishes grow, you need to constantly sort them to avoid larger fishes feeding on the smaller ones. This is best done by putting fishes of the same size inside a pond together to reduce their cannibalistic instincts.

Clean water should be used to replace the existing water every 2 to 3 days. The ultimate goal of every fish farmer is to grow their fishes to achieve a body weight of 1kg within the shortest possible time. If this is managed and done right, the fishes can achieve this size in four to six months.Catfish Farming Business Plan In Nigeria / Feasibility Study Catfish farming in the Nigeria is one of the most profitable agribusiness in the country and if you have thought on going into this business you are on the right track.

According to research over 70 per cent of Nigerians consume fish on a daily basis [ ]. Fish farming is an act of rearing fish for commercial purpose in Nigeria. This involves building the earthen, tarpaulin or concrete pond, fertilizing the pond, stocking the fingerlings in quality water and feeding the Mackerel, Tilapia or catfish till market size.

Spencer has delivered talks to future policy leaders on the small business-government interface, and has had numerous leadership roles in organizations bridging the gap between government and community. CONSTRUCTION OF A FISH POND IN NIGERIA PROCESSES INVOLVED CONSTRUCTION OF A FISH POND IN NIGERIA PROCESSES INVOLVED AQUACULTURE Feasibility Study On Local Fish Farming | Business Plan.

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fish pond business plan in nigeria

Fish farming business in Nigeria is not something new. People around Nigeria engage in fish farming business especially those who live in places blessed with abundant fresh water. Although, Fish farming is a lucrative business which requires time, patience and money.

One must be ready to take risks.