Essay on stairway to heaven

It has been said of him he was the most beautiful of ALL angels and he was the director of the flow of music there Praise and Worship. Of course, now he no longer is…. The noise of thy viols indicates the stringed instruments he had charge over.

Essay on stairway to heaven

Support Aeon Donate now What is the best way to understand consciousness? But the rise of modern neuroscience has seen a more pragmatic approach gain ground: Its key is to recognise that explaining why consciousness exists at all is not necessary in order to make progress in revealing its material basis — to start building explanatory bridges from the subjective and phenomenal to the objective and measurable.

In my work at the Sackler Centre for Consciousness Science at the University of Sussex in Brighton, I collaborate with cognitive scientists, neuroscientists, psychiatrists, brain imagers, virtual reality wizards and mathematicians — and philosophers too — trying to do just this.

And together with other laboratories, we are gaining exciting new insights into consciousness — insights that are making real differences in medicine, and that in turn raise new intellectual and ethical challenges.

In my own research, a new picture is taking shape in which conscious experience is seen as deeply grounded in how brains and bodies work together to maintain physiological integrity — to stay alive.

But there is an alternative, which I like to call the real problem: There are some historical parallels for this approach, for example in the study of life. Once, biochemists doubted that biological mechanisms could ever explain the property of being alive. Today, although our understanding remains incomplete, this initial sense of mystery has largely dissolved.

Biologists have simply gotten on with the business of explaining the various properties of living systems in terms of underlying mechanisms: In the same way, tackling the real problem of consciousness depends on distinguishing different aspects of consciousness, and mapping their phenomenological properties subjective first-person descriptions of what conscious experiences are like onto underlying biological mechanisms objective third-person descriptions.

A good starting point is to distinguish between conscious level, conscious content, and conscious self. Conscious level has to do with being conscious at all — the difference between being in a dreamless sleep or under general anaesthesia and being vividly awake and aware.

Conscious contents are what populate your conscious experiences when you are conscious — the sights, sounds, smells, emotions, thoughts and beliefs that make up your inner universe.

And among these conscious contents is the specific experience of being you. This is conscious self, and is probably the aspect of consciousness that we cling to most tightly. What are the fundamental brain mechanisms that underlie our ability to be conscious at all?

Importantly, conscious level is not the same as wakefulness. So what underlies being conscious specifically, as opposed to just being awake? Rather, consciousness seems to depend on how different parts of the brain speak to each other, in specific ways.

Essay on stairway to heaven

A series of studies by the neuroscientist Marcello Massimini at the University of Milan provides powerful evidence for this view.

In dreamless sleep and general anaesthesia, these echoes are very simple, like the waves generated by throwing a stone into still water. But during conscious states, a typical echo ranges widely over the cortical surface, disappearing and reappearing in complex patterns. Excitingly, we can now quantify the complexity of these echoes by working out how compressible they are, similar to how simple algorithms compress digital photos into JPEG files.

Complexity measures of consciousness have already been used to track changing levels of awareness across states of sleep and anaesthesia. The promise is that the ability to measure consciousness, to quantify its comings and goings, will transform our scientific understanding in the same way that our physical understanding of heat as average molecular kinetic energy depended on the development, in the 18th century, of the first reliable thermometers.

Lord Kelvin put it this way: This is where new theoretical ideas about consciousness come into play. Looking past the desk in front of me through the window beyond, I have never before experienced precisely this configuration of coffee cups, computers and clouds — an experience that is even more distinctive when combined with all the other perceptions, emotions and thoughts simultaneously present.

Consciousness is integrated in the sense that every conscious experience appears as a unified scene.The song that I have chosen to analyze and dissect is titled Stairway to Heaven' by rock musicians Led Zeppelin.

Essay on stairway to heaven

But before I begin this essay, I would like to let something be known - I am not a huge Zeppelin fan.3/5(4). Stairway to Heaven: Chinese Alchemists, Jewish Kabbalists, and the Art of Spiritual Transformation [Peter Levenda] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

Stairway to Heaven is an incredibly broad ranging new study that stretches from ancient Egypt and Babylon to Jewish and Christian Kabbalists. Read this essay on Stairway to Heaven.

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Stairway to Heaven. Stairway to Heaven, for the first 5 minutes, is a very laid back, and relaxing song. It’s a song that /5(1).

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