Essay independence

Today we enjoy a lot of facilities and rights like freedom of expressionright to live, choose and grow, back then they were struggling for life.

Essay independence

Pennsylvania John Morton was born in in Ridley Township, Pennsylvania and died April 1, at the age of 51 of tuberculosis.

He was the son of John Morton senior and Mary Archer.

Essay independence

He may have immigrated to Pennsylvania earlier making him one of Essay independence settlers in this region. The Morton side of the family arrived shortly thereafter. He was the first of the fifty-six signers to die and cut short what was promising to be a much greater role in Pennsylvania and national politics.

His mother remarried an Englishman, John Sketchley. John Morton had little formal education, perhaps as little as three months.

It was his stepfather who gave him the schooling he needed which included surveying, reading, math, and moral training. This enabled him to lead a very successful and productive life.

John Morton thought so highly of Mr. Sketchley that he named one of his sons after him, Sketchley Morton. There is evidence, however, that as an adult John Morton, assisted neighbors by overseeing their books and maps as well as surveying their property. He also acted as an advocate and advisor for them when necessary.

Thomas Paine: Common Sense

In at the age of 31, John Morton was elected to the Pennsylvania Assembly. This was due to citizen trust in his sound judgment and pleasant temperament.

John Morton was appointed to take his place, thus voluntarily giving up his Assembly position. In John Morton was one of three delegates appointed by the Pennsylvania Assembly to attend the Stamp Act Congress and it was he who brought that report back.

The delegation to the Second Continental Congress, with Robert Morris and John Dickenson, absenting themselves and with Willing and Humphreys voting nay and with Franklin and James Wilson voting aye, it fell upon John Morton to cast the deciding vote for independence and he did so on July 4, He returned to the statehouse on August 2, to affix his name to the Declaration of Independence.

Unfortunately, he did not live to see his efforts realized. Although Philadelphia was approximately 14 miles from his farm in Ridley Township it required at least half a day to make that trip thus adding to his many burdens.

Serving on so many colonial and then national committees Mr. Morton had to have spent many days and weeks away from home.

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During his long tenure as a public official of Pennsylvania he was also heavily involved in St. When John Morton died he was buried St.

Many historians have misinterpreted this quote as a rejection of his vote for independence as well as his signing of the Declaration of Independence.

Essay independence

However, there is no factual foundation for this alleged quote made by him. John Morton showed his fervor for independence in a letter written by him to Thomas Powell, a merchant in London, dated June 8, In this letter he expressed not only his resolves for independence but his concerns for the coming war.

These sentiments reflected the feelings of many people in the colonies. However, many of the signers of the Declaration of Independence harbored the same concerns and fears, as in fact civil war did break out in many of the colonies during the Revolutionary War.

It was during this time that many of the papers that belonged to John Morton, as well as household possessions were destroyed. In November 18, Anne Morton filed an accounting of the losses she suffered in compliance with an act of the General Assembly.The links below provide concise advice on some fundamental elements of academic writing.

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Independence Day Essay 1 ( words) The date, 15 th of August from in India has become a very important day in the Indian history. It was the luckiest day of year when India became independent after lots of hard struggle and sacrifices of the Indian freedom fighters.

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Thomas Paine Collection: Common Sense, Rights of Man, Age of Reason, An Essay on Dream, Biblical Blasphemy, Examination Of The Prophecies written by legendary author Thomas Paine is a collection of his greatest works. Published in , Common Sense challenged the authority of the British government and the royal monarchy.

The plain language that Paine used spoke to the common people of America and was the first work to openly ask for independence from Great Britain. To maintain independence, we must recognize our natural human tendency to assimilate--to gradually conform our ideas to those of groups or leaders that we like.

Because group dynamics encourage conformity, independence can create situations that are uncomfortable. Though sometimes awkward, the presence of independent thinkers is a gift to all.

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