Coastline erosion

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Coastline erosion

Environmental Coastal erosion is a silent killer that is effectively taking away the life of the Gulf Coast region. Coastal erosion in the Gulf South has been, and will continue to be, an environmental and economic issue for the U.

Coastline erosion

If nothing is done to stop the land loss that is occurring daily, the coastline Coastline erosion lose natural barriers to hurricanes, animal habitats and sanctuaries, and the hunting and fishing industry will be affected. Coastal erosion also has a detrimental effect on the oil industry in the region.

The Gulf South is home to the fastest eroding estuaries in the world.

Coastal Erosion of the Gulf Coast and its Effects in the Region

Over the past 70 years, Louisiana has lost over 1, square miles of wetlands and is still losing over 25 to 30 square miles of wet lands each year. That equals out to a football field of land every hour! However, there has been a dramatic increase in Gulf South coastal erosion over the last two decades.

Erosion has taken place for thousands of years all around the world. However, there are many reasons why coastal erosion has increased over the past few years. These areas are mainly comprised of fine-grained sediments that erode easily in the event of a coastal storm.

This does not include tropical storms or tropical depressions, which emit large amounts of rainfall and wind, as well. The future loss outlook is bleak as well, with the expectations of greater losses as a function of global climate change, sea-level rise, and increased intensity of tropical and extra tropical storms.

Waves and storm surge associated with tropical storms and winter cold fronts provide sufficient energy to put low-elevation beaches and dunes at risk to erosion.

Vegetation is another reason for erosion. As plants grow, their roots reach into the ground and root in the soil, making it more stable and less likely to be run off. As coastal erosion continues to happen, its effect on the environment increases.

History of Coastal Erosion in the Gulf South

When assessing coastal erosion, many people tend to think that coastal erosion is a new phenomenon. It took the Mississippi River 6, years to build the LA coast. It took man 75 years to wash away a third of it. Experts agree we have 10 years or less to act before the loss becomes irreversible.

Coastline erosion

Meanwhile, wetland areas that once had run-off from the Mississippi River, but now are disconnected from the river, are depleting. Without the run-off that replenishes the silt, the wetlands are starving. Similarly, the states that rely on the wetlands to protect them from storms and hurricanes are suffering.

Finally, as the wetlands are destroyed, wildlife habitats are also vanishing. Effect on Environment The destruction of the wetlands will have a truly negative effect on the wildlife that resides in these areas. With the large amounts of land loss, it will cause migratory birds, along with other species of native birds, to fly further north during their migrating season.

This can cause problems with birds repopulating, as well as the hunting industry. Likewise, the birds, fish and other land animals will hurt. However, erosion, does not only affect the animals of the region, it affects the plants that are native to the region as well.Coastal erosion is common phrase referring to the loss of subaerial landmass into a sea or lake due to natural processes such as waves, winds and tides, or even due to human interference.

While coastal erosion affects all regions of the United States, erosion rates and potential impacts are highly localized. Average coastline recession rates of 25 feet per year are not uncommon on some barrier islands in the Southeast, and rates of 50 feet per year have occurred along the Great Lakes.

Coastal erosion leads to the formation of cliffs, headlands, caves, arches, stacks and stumps. Erosion is a problem where homes are close to the cliff edge, for example at Haisborough in Norfolk.

A new model is allowing researchers to predict coastline erosion due to rising sea levels much more accurately. It would appear that the effects of coastline erosion as a result of rising sea. Jan 23,  · To use this video in a commercial player or in broadcasts, please email [email protected] Filmed January 23, around .

Coastal erosion involves the breaking down and removal of material along a coastline by the movement of wind & water. It leads to the formation of many landforms and, combined with deposition, plays an important role in shaping the coastline.

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