Case study pet owners and their

Pets help reduce stress better than our human companions. Pet owners had less stress and quicker recovery from stress when they were with their pets as compared to when they were with their spouse or friend. Pet owners have less obesity.

Case study pet owners and their

Introduction Pet ownership has become a cultural phenomenon in the modern world. In terms of number of dogs and cats the figures are around A similar picture has been observed in Europe, Australia, China and Japan. Pychyl[4] identified human animal companionship as the primary benefit gained from living with an animal while it has also been acknowledged as significant in the promotion of psychological well-being[5].

Others reported pets can be the source of unconditional support, love, comfort, security, and stability[6]. A small number of studies found a positive impact of pet possession on mental health, such as reducing the feelings of loneliness and depression[8, 9], stress[9] and anxiety[10]. Pet owner relationships are also claimed to improve feelings of self-worth and self-esteem[11] and increase emotional and social support[12].

Furthermore, companion animals can have therapeutic benefits in numerous clinical settings through Animal-Assisted Therapy AAT programs[13].

Case study pet owners and their

When looking for the physical health impact of pet ownership, there is plenty of evidence claiming numerous benefits, such as reduced risk of cardiovascular disease [15,16], better survival rates after a heart attack[16] and lower use of general practitioner services[18,19].

However, more recent literature has generated an opposing viewpoint indicating no beneficial impacts of pet possession on human health and well-being[6, 20, 21]. Findings include the exacerbation of psychological symptoms[21], which include higher reports of depression[5, 11, 8], increased levels of emotional distress[22], psychoticism[23] and greater loneliness and boredom[5].

A recent review investigating psychological andpsychophysiological effects of human-animal interaction HAI on human well-being also reported mixed evidence. Although some areas such as social attention, social behaviour, interpersonal interactions and mood stress-related parameters such as cortisol, heart rate, and blood pressure; self-reported fear and anxiety and especially cardiovascular diseases have been well-documented, limited evidence exists for positive effects of HAI on reduction of stress-related parameters such as epinephrine and norepinephrine; improvement of immune system functioning and pain management; increased trustworthiness of and trust toward other persons, reduced aggression, enhanced empathy and improved learning[24].

A popular conception in studies of physical and psychological health benefits of pet ownership has been to conceptualise pet possession in terms of enhanced social support.

Social support, information leading people to believe that they are cared for and loved, esteemed, and a member of a network of mutual obligations, has been associated with wide range of physiological and psychological health outcomes[25, 26, 27, 28, 29].

Longitudinal studies conducted with ethnically diverse population indicate low levels of social support from family members was prospectively associated with negative well-being, e.

Social support is claimed to protect individuals from psychological distress thereby moderating the effects of stress and promoting well-being. Lower stress and higher well-being are thought to influence stress hormones and positively impact the immune system[24]. There are also marked difference in the design, sample characteristics and measures used in those studies.

To what extent feline and canine pets impact physical and psychological well-being of the owners irrespective of socio-demographic characteristics is a critical question. The Review This review attempts to understand the health impact of pet ownership from the most recent scientific literature in this area.

More specifically this review addressed the following questions: In order to find out the appropriate published literature for the current systematic review, four data bases, i. A number of studies were initially found, but not all were suitable and met the inclusion criteria for this review.

Abstracts of the literature were then reviewed and 20 studies were shortlisted for thorough review. Finally, out of the 20, only papers which met specific predefined criteria were included for the final review. Thus, a total of 8 see Table 1 original and most relevant articles consisting 11 studies were selected for review.

Case study pet owners and their

Description of the Studies 2. Information about the Studies For this review 8 original papers were selected based on the specific inclusion criteria. There were 11 different studies including an experiment. The sample in total of these studies covers the age range from adolescents to the elderly.It works!

If you are not convinced by now that K-Laser USA will help your pet's pain, ask one of the TENS of THOUSANDS of patients and pet owners across the country whose loved ones and pets can now live pain free since their laser treatments. And, the study found, pet owners were just as close to key people in their lives as to their animals, indicating no evidence that relationships with pets came at the expense of relationships with other people, or that people relied more on pets when their human social support was poorer.

Carolyn Rando, Ph.D., is a forensic anthropologist at the UCL Institute of Archaeology and CASE Academy. One of her favorite topics of research is animal scavengers.

So, naturally, we asked her questions about pets eating their owners. To ascertain the impact of pet ownership, McConnell et al.[31] in their third study, conducted a laboratory experiment with pet-owners.

Results revealed that pet ownership can offset negativity resulting from a rejection experience just like a best friend can. Why must animal shelters owners use a GPS Pet Tracker to reach to their pets?

The Study With technology, pet shelter owner will be able to monitor their pet dogs and cats in real-time. Recent Case Study.

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