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Are custom essay services legalize

Euthanasia, the specific term for assisted suicide, has been a century old controversy Clarfield Its leader in the controversy is Dr.

Jack Kevorkian, who has assisted in over 30 deaths since Euthanasia should be legalized in the United States. Hearing the negatives about euthanasia, the U. The question of who has the right to give or take life has played an important part in the history of technology, with designer babies and altering DNA.

Inthe Dutch Council of Health did their own study and decided that euthanasia should be legal. They stated that doctors needed to follow rules and regulations to assist with death Clarfield So why not legalize euthanasia anyway! Then the moral issue comes in.

Although the conflict of euthanasia seems new, the actual procedure has been around since World War I Clarfield New laws are still occurring, the last one updated by Dutch euthanasia describes new regulations on April first Kolfschooten Many supporters of euthanasia also advocated sterilization laws Payne But are the supporters agreeing with euthanasia because of their feelings towards the ill?

Seventy to eighty percent of people polled that they felt sympathetic towards the terminally ill Payne Even if this happens to be true, euthanasia still was morally acceptable in their views. People just need to realize that keeping someone alive against their will, happens to be more morally wrong than giving them what they want and rightfully deserve.

Although euthanasia is illegal in the United States and its considered a taboo by most; some examples are shown in the following lines that would like to see physician-aided death prevail Flynn Freddie, who after being diagnosed with cancer refused chemotherapy as a treatment for the illness.

He went in for surgery and had his bladder removed.

are custom essay services legalize

A few days later the doctors told him that the surgery was unsuccessful, and the cancer had spread to other organs. His had spent the last three weeks in the hospital, the last one of which he spent unconscious, hooked up to machines.

With a needle in each arm: Sidney Cohen was diagnosed with cancer in November and was told that he would die within three months. By January 1st, Sidney was in pain, and bed-bounded praying for euthanasia.

He was allowed only to drink water for six weeks, and became desperate, isolated, and frightened Arthur1. Leo Alexander said that the euthanasia debate started with this question.

Alexander said that there would be a rising time of death with dignity movement, or assisted suicide, which Oregon has now legalized Washington1.

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The law legalizing euthanasia became a landmark law for the Oregon people when they received adequate pain relief Washington1. If the option of euthanasia is not available to some, the ill may take their own life as Carol Ezzell did.

She did not qualify for physician aide in Holland. So she took her own life in a needlessly vile way, and her loved ones had no chance to say their last goodbyes.

That brings us back to the controversy of should euthanasia be legalized? Having so many ways to misuse euthanasia, the United States has not passed a bill to legalize. Most doctors today in the United States that have patients in a comatose state do what their family feels happens to be right or with his or her own discretion.

And if that is keeping them asleep until their last minutes of life, most doctors consider what they call terminal sedation, legal in the United States Kolfschooten Doctors can sneak around the euthanasia debate this way.

They call it the administration of a sedative medication to ease pain and agony. Doctors in the Netherlands use terminal sedation to get around having to get a second opinion.

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Although this technique will help the patient out tremendously it is proved that the sleep inducing drugs ends lives early Kolfschooten Using euthanasia properly in the United States, there needs to be a system of rule that is followed religiously.

The Netherlands adopted the first laws that allowed euthanasia to be legal. The Dutch euthanasia regulations were set into law on April first of and Henk Leenen says that all it needs to do to stay legal is follow the guidelines that the Dutch Medical Society introduced, while Europe allows the issue Wright The rules and regulations have to be followed in order to qualify for the procedure in the Netherlands; the rules include these four regulations:Custom Writing Kings of Professional Writing Services Write me legalize marijuana essay a paper, but I need you to any third parties, which many years later and remembered with nostalgia.

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