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First, if there is NO citation, how do we know it's even true? How do we know it wasn't a AR pyscho that is agaisnt animal welfare? It doesn't seem to me a justification for delete all the text. It is tantamount to saying that animal right refers to the viewpoint that it is morally acceptable for humans to die of starvation, so long as abusing the sovereignty of nonhuman animals is avoided.

Animal welfare 1

Happy Birthday to Asian Elephant Nicholas!

Animal welfare 1

In his 11 years at PAWS we have seen such amazing and beautiful changes in this elephant — underscoring the rehabilitative power of true sanctuaries. Nicholas had the misfortune of being born into the circus. He was separated from his mother before he was two years old — a time when calves are still entirely dependent on their mothers — and forced to perform unnatural tricks such as riding a tricycle and walking on a balance beam.

By the time Nicholas was five years old, he would have begun to realize his own strength and challenge his handlers. In circuses this type of natural rebellion is met harshly. Punishment is meted out with the cruel bullhook, Animal welfare 1 menacing weapon used to control elephants through fear and pain.

Fortunately, the company that owned him was involved in a consent agreement with the federal government, which allowed Nicholas and female Asian elephant Gypsy to be transferred to PAWS. Emmy Award-winning game show host Bob Barker provided the generous financial assistance that made the move possible.

This enormous animal would cringe if you as much as lifted your arm too quickly, expecting to be hit. Today, Brian and Nicholas enjoy a special relationship.

Nicholas has already come a long way in his young life. PAWS is proud to provide this circus survivor with a far more natural life, including a grassy habitat set among the rolling hills of the ARK sanctuary. Nicholas is a special elephant who is much valued, loved and respected, and has stolen all of our hearts.

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She went from an elephant almost paralyzed with fear and anxiety — literally crawling on the ground on her elbows and knees when she saw other elephants — to being an extremely confident member of her elephant group today. This was only the second trip of her life.

The first was after she was captured in Swaziland at the age of two and sold to the San Francisco Zoo. Lulu was ripped away from her caring mother who was likely killed in the process and all that she knew — freedom, the dynamic sights and sounds of the African savanna, and a vast network of elephant kin — and sentenced to a lifetime in captivity.

Animal welfare 1

Even with the best efforts of the elephant staff in San Francisco, life at the zoo was stressful for Lulu. Another elephant frequently bullied and dominated her, often trapping Lulu in a corner with no means of escape or blocking her access to food or a barn doorway.

Wild female elephants live with their grandmothers, mothers, aunts, sisters and their offspring. In contrast, captive elephants are usually strangers from entirely different countries. It's hard to blame those elephants who act out aggressively, as they are merely responding to the dysfunctional environment of captivity — worlds away from the life they were meant to lead.

Pat and PAWS President and Co-founder Ed Stewart believed in the power of sanctuary to heal past trauma, and to help transform elephants into the magnificent wild animals they are by giving them a spacious natural environment, loving care, and the freedom to choose where to go and what to do — a safe place to just be elephants again.

Slowly but surely, Lulu relaxed and became more comfortable with her new elephant companions. Lulu's confidence has continued to grow, and her personality to blossom.

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Seeing how far this special elephant has come, Ed calls the changes a miracle. Today, Lulu has no fear.CAWL SNOWmobile reaches spay/neuter surgeries milestone! Colorado Animal Welfare League SNOWmobile performed our th surgery! Assurances shall be submitted to the Office of Laboratory Animal Welfare (OLAW), Office of the Director, National Institutes of Health (NIH).

1 The Assurance shall be signed by the Institutional Official. OLAW will provide the institution with necessary instructions and an example of an acceptable Assurance. Tips For Finding Lost Pets. When a beloved pet strays from home, it can be a traumatic experience for the owner and the animal alike.

The Animal Welfare League offers these tips to help pet owners find their lost companions. Global Animal Partnership is registered as a (c)(3) non-profit organization and brings together a diverse group with the common goal of improving farm animal welfare standards around the world.

Donations to Global Animal Partnership are tax-deductible . Animal welfare is hot topic locally, nationally and internationally. Consumers are asking for more information regarding how food animals are raised and cared for. New local and national laws are being passed with guidelines for housing, transportation, care and euthanasia.

All of these factors may. The Animal Welfare regulations are contained in Title 9 of the Code of Federal Regulations, chapter I, subchapter A--Animal Welfare, parts 1, 2, and 3 (the regulations). Part 1 provides definitions of the terms used in parts 2 and 3.

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