Analyse af bitte selgen essay

I practiced catch and release. I considered myself to be a sport fisherman. I never acquired a taste for fish, so I always let them go.

Analyse af bitte selgen essay

Of Prussian Troops, their Excellencies and their Defects. The strictest care and the most unremitting attention are required of commanding officers in the formation of my troops. The most exact discipline is ever to be maintained, and the greatest regard paid to their welfare; they ought also to be better fed than almost any troops in Europe.

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Our regiments are composed of half our own people and half foreigners who enlist for money: The prevention of desertion therefore becomes an object of importance. Many of our generals regard one man as good in effect as another, and imagine that if the vacancy be filled up, this man has no influence on the whole; but one does not know how on this subject to make a proper application of other armies to our own.

If a deserter be replaced by a man as well trained and disciplined as himself, it is a matter of no consequence; but if a soldier, who for two years has been accustomed to arms and military exercise, should desert, and be replaced by a bad subject, or perhaps none at all, the consequence must prove eventually very material.

It has happened from the negligence of officers in this particular, that regiments have not only been lessened in number, but that they have also lost their reputation. By accidents of this kind, the army becomes weakened at the very period when its completion is most essentially necessary, and unless the greatest attention is paid to the circumstance, you will lose the best of your forces and never be able to recover yourself.

Though my country be well peopled, it is doubtful if many men are to be met with of the height of my soldiers: It therefore becomes one of the most essential duties of generals who command armies or detachments, to prevent desertion. This is to be effected, 1st. By not encamping too near a wood or forest, unless sufficient reason require it.

By calling the roll frequently every day. By often sending out patroles of hussars, to scour the country round about the camp. By placing chasseurs in the corn by night, and doubling the cavalry posts at dusk to strengthen the chain.

By not allowing the soldiers to wander about, and taking care that each troop be led regularly to water and forage by an officer. By punishing all marauding with severity, as it gives rise to every species of disorder and irregularity.

By not drawing in the guards, who are placed in the villages on marching days, until the troops are under arms. By avoiding night-marches, unless obliged by necessity. By pushing forward patroles of hussars to the right and left, whilst the infantry are passing through a wood.

By placing officers at each end of a defile, to oblige the soldiers to fall into their proper places. By concealing from the soldier any retrograde movement which you may be obliged to make, or giving some specious flattering pretext for doing so.

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By searching for the cause of the evil, when desertion shall have crept into a regiment or company: No relaxation of discipline is however on any account to be permitted.

It may be said, that the colonel will take care of this business, but his efforts alone cannot be sufficient; for in an army, every individual part of it should aim at perfection, to make it appear to be the work of only one man.

An army is composed for the most part of idle and inactive men and unless the general has a constant eye upon them, and obliges them to do their duty, this artificial machine, which with the greatest care cannot be made perfect, will very soon fall to pieces, and nothing but the bare idea of a disciplined army will remain.

Constant employment for the troops is therefore indispensibly necessary: This constant and painful attention may appear at first sight as rather a hardship on the general, but its consequences will make him ample amends.

With troops so fine, so brave, and so well disciplined, what advantage can he not obtain? A general, who with other nations would be regarded as being rash or half mad, would with us be only acting by established rules. Any enterprise which man is capable of executing, may be undertaken by him.

Besides this, the soldiers will not suffer a man to remain amongst them who has betrayed any symptoms of shyness, which would certainly not be regarded in other armies.

I have been an eye-witness to the conduct both of officers and private soldiers, who could not be prevailed on, though dangerously wounded, to quit their post, or fall into the rear to get themselves dressed.

With troops like these the world itself might be subdued, if conquests were not as fatal to the victors as to the vanquished. Let them be but well supplied with provisions, and you may attempt any thing with them.

On a march you prevent the enemy by speed; at an attack of a wood, you will force them; if you make them climb a mountain, you will soon disperse those who make any resistance, and it then becomes an absolute massacre. If you put your cavalry into action, they will charge through the enemy at the sword's point and demolish them.

But as it is not alone sufficient that the troops be good, and as the ignorance of a general may be the means of losing every advantage, I shall proceed to speak of the qualities which a general ought to possess, and lay down such rules as I have either learned from well-informed generals, or purchased dearly by my own experience.

Of the Subsistence of Troops, and of Provisions. It has been said by a certain general, that the first object in the establishment of an army ought to be making provision for the belly, that being the basis and foundation of all operations.

Analyse af bitte selgen essay

I shall divide this subject into two parts: The first rule is to establish the large magazines invariably in the rear of the army, and, if possible, in a place that is well secured.Frederick the Great's Military Instruction was written between the War of the Austrian Succession and the Seven Years War and translated into English by Lieut.-Colonel T.

Foster at the end of the 18th century. The dedication to Major General Goldworthy is dated March the town of Sagan, and the posts from Schmiedberg to Friedland.

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