A critique of sweetness and power by sidney mintz

Saturday, October 1, Introduction: A sense of purpose So what's the purpose of anthropology? In an attempt to answer this broad, imposing, and seemingly impossible question, here's a short story from my own experiences

A critique of sweetness and power by sidney mintz

His father was a New York tradesman, and his mother was a garment-trade organizer for the Industrial Workers of the World.

Sugar - Sidney Mintz Remarkably uneven in quality. The last two chapters are problematic, IMO - far too much space has been devoted to theory, defending the earlier historical materialist approach against disciplinary battles with social anthropology, while the prior historical approach is ultimately jettisoned in favour of abstract speculation about contemporary food As a commodity history this is somewhat dated, and as other GR reviewers have noted, in need of tighter editing, both stylistically and structurally.
Sidney Mintz’s Long, Sweet Legacy Discovering Political Economy from the Evidence of Fieldwork.
Edited volumes She is the author of Sugar and Civilization: She earned her Ph.
Sidney Mintz & Anthropology's Unfinished Revolution A Social and Economic History.

A in psychology in Murphy were among this group. Career[ edit ] Mintz had a long academic career at Yale University —74 before helping to found the Anthropology Department at Johns Hopkins University. His work has been the subject of several studies.

Mintz Lecture in At Yale, Mintz started as an instructor, but was Professor of Anthropology from to He died on December 26, at the age of 94, following severe head trauma resulting from a fall.

A critique of sweetness and power by sidney mintz

Training and influences[ edit ] In his training Mintz was particularly influenced by Steward, Ruth Benedict Mintz aand Alexander Lesser[14] and by his classmate and co-author, Eric Wolf Combining a Marxist and historical materialist approach with U.

His ethnography centered on how these responses are manifested in the lives of Caribbean people. For Mintz, history did not erode differences to create homogeneity among regions, even while a capitalist world-system was emerging.

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Larger forces were always confronted by local responses that affected the cultural outcomes. Considering this relationship Mintz wrote: It must be stressed that the integration of varied forms of labor-extraction within any component region addresses the way that region, as a totality, fits within the so-called world-system.

There was give-and-take between the demands and initiatives originating with the metropolitan centers of the world-system, and the ensemble of labor forms typical of the local zones with which they were enmeshed The postulation of a world-system forces us frequently to lift our eyes from the particulars of local history, which I would consider salutary.

There were other contradictions: The slave was a capital good, hence not commoditized labor; but some skilled slaves hired out to others produced income for their masters and could keep a share for themselves.

This fieldwork was eventually published as The People of Puerto Rico? In a field where insularity is common, and anthropologists usually chose one language area and one colonial power for study, Mintz has done fieldwork in three different Caribbean societies: Puerto Rico,Jamaica, and Haiti, as well as later working in Iran and Hong Kong Mintz has always taken a historical approach and used historical materials in studying Caribbean cultures.

A critique of sweetness and power by sidney mintz

Mintz argued that Caribbean peasantries emerged alongside of and after industrializationprobably like nowhere else in the world. The push in Guyana to purchase plantations collectively; the use of cooperative work groups for house building, harvesting, and planting; the growth of credit institutions; and the links between kinship and coordinated work all suggest the powerful individualism that slavery helped to create did not wholly obviate group activity.

The view of some historians and political leaders in the Caribbean and Latin America was that the Iberian colonies, with their tradition of Catholicism and sense of aesthetics, meant a more humane slavery; while north European colonies, with their individualizing Protestant religions, found it easier to exploit the slaves and to draw hard and fast social categories.

But Mintz argued that the treatment of slaves had to do instead with the integration of the colony into the world economic system, the degree of control of the metropolis over the colony, and the intensity of exploitation of labor and land.

An Anthropological Approach Mintz and Pricefirst published in and first delivered as a conference paper in There, the authors qualify anthropologist Melville J. This has been an influential model in the ongoing anthropology of the African diaspora.

Brandel, Andrew and Sidney W. Levi-Strauss and the True Sciences.The year was I was a student at the University of California, Santa Cruz, working on my BA in anthropology. This was my second year, I think, and I was taking . These essays are not intended to replace library research.

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[2] [3] Contents. Sweetness and Power: The Place of Sugar in Modern History is still Sidney Mintz’s most famous publication. Type “Sidney Mintz” into Google and the next thing that pops up is “Sweetness and Power.”.

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