A comparison of the similarities and differences in themes between chinua achebes things fall apart

In Heart of DarknessJoseph Conrad shows Africa through the perspective of the colonizing Europeans, who tend to depict all the natives as savages. In response to Conrad's stereotypical depiction of Africans, Chinua Achebe wrote Things Fall Apart through the point of view of the natives to show Africans, not as primitives, but as members of a thriving society. Things Fall Apart follows Okonkwo's life as he strives for prestige in his community.

Although he was the child of a Protestant missionary and received his early education in English, his upbringing was multicultural, as the inhabitants of Ogidi still lived according to many aspects of traditional Igbo formerly written as Ibo culture. Achebe attended the Government College in Umuahia from to He graduated from University College, Ibadan, in While he was in college, Achebe studied history and theology.

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He also developed his interest in indigenous Nigerian cultures, and he rejected his Christian name, Albert, for his indigenous one, Chinua. In the s, Achebe was one of the founders of a Nigerian literary movement that drew upon the traditional oral culture of its indigenous peoples.

Chinua Achebe is one of Africa's most well-known and influential contemporary writers. His first novel, Things Fall Apart, is an early narrative about the European colonization of Africa told from the point of view of the colonized people. Published in , the novel recounts the life of the. Okonkwo and his father Unoka have very little in common. Although both are tall men, Unoka walks with a stoop, burdened by the scorn of his tribe. The Igbo people value power and ferocity in their. Comparing the similarities and contrasting the differences in Heart of Darkness and Things Fall Apart is an interesting process. Let's review some of the similarities.

He is careful to portray the complex, advanced social institutions and artistic traditions of Igbo culture prior to its contact with Europeans.

Yet he is just as careful not to stereotype the Europeans; he offers varying depictions of the white man, such as the mostly benevolent Mr.

Brown, the zealous Reverend Smith, and the ruthlessly calculating District Commissioner. His decision to write Things Fall Apart in English is an important one. Achebe wanted this novel to respond to earlier colonial accounts of Africa; his choice of language was thus political.

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Unlike some later African authors who chose to revitalize native languages as a form of resistance to colonial culture, Achebe wanted to achieve cultural revitalization within and through English. Nevertheless, he manages to capture the rhythm of the Igbo language and he integrates Igbo vocabulary into the narrative.

Achebe has become renowned throughout the world as a father of modern African literature, essayist, and professor of English literature at Bard College in New York.

He worked for the Nigerian Broadcasting Company for over a decade and later became an English professor at the University of Nigeria. He has also been quite influential in the publication of new Nigerian writers.

Inhe co-founded a publishing company with a Nigerian poet named Christopher Okigbo and inhe began editing Okike, a respected journal of Nigerian writing. Inhe founded Uwa ndi Igbo, a bilingual magazine containing a great deal of information about Igbo culture.

He has been active in Nigerian politics since the s, and many of his novels address the post-colonial social and political problems that Nigeria still faces.Literary Comparison Jaspreet Kooner Things Fall Apart By Chinua Achebe Hamlet By William Shakespeare Theme - Physical control-Struggle of defining his masculinity -Use of language as a barrier from culture -Change vs.

A comparison of the similarities and differences in themes between chinua achebes things fall apart

culture / tradition-Importance of reputation to Okonkwo-Need of respect from others -Fate is inescapable -Betrayal of the clan by .

Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe. Home / Literature / Things Fall Apart / Quotes / Gender ; (Click the themes infographic to download.) Much of the traditional Igbo life presented in this novel revolves around structured gender roles.

Essentially all of Igbo life is gendered, from the crops that men and women grow, to characterization of. In the novel Things Fall Apart, by Chinua Achebe, and the film Chocolat, directed by Lasse Hallstrom, the influences of new culture on an existing society shows that actions carry consequences.

In both pieces, each society experiences a similar influence caused by new cultures. Things Fall Apart, a novel set in Pre-colonial Nigeria in the s highlights the fight between colonialism and traditional societies.

Numerous features of an organized society such as religion. Comparing these images with those from Things Fall Apart, we see distinct differences, with similar results.

A comparison of the similarities and differences in themes between chinua achebes things fall apart

In Achebe's novel, Imperialism arrived in the name of . The Comparison between Septimus’s Suicide and Okonkwo’s Suicide Glory Li Tongyu I. Introduction Septimus is one of the main characters in Mrs. Dalloway which is a story happened in western society after World War I, and Okonkwo is the protagonist in Things Fall Apart which is a book about the traditional African society in.

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